Release Notes

RELEASE 0.9.530

JUN 07 2018

An index out of range exception appeared sometimes scrolling down in the commit history view. Fixed.

RELEASE 0.9.524

MAY 24 2018

After some usability testing, we realized that we didn't make a good decision changing the 'checkout commit' behavior. So, here we go again with the old, but improved behavior!

When you checkout a commit that is the head of a local branch, gmaster will checkout the branch instead of leaving you in an 'undesired' detached status.

Only in case that the commit is the head of a remote branch, and there is already a local branch tracking that remote branch but pointing to a different commit, gmaster will checkout the commit.

We hope this way, we help more inexperienced users, but also, at the same time, we satisfy the needs of solid git users.


After some usability testing, we realized that it was hard for some users to get the branch actions, especially when the branch was empty or had only one commit.

They never selected the branch name to access the branch context menu.

For this reason and trying to improve usability, we added main branch actions in the commit menu.

From now on, you will be able to work with remotes and filter branches in the branch explorer from the commit context menu too :)


Added a checkbox in the license window that allows the user to set if he wants to receive or not commercial information from gmaster.

RELEASE 0.9.519

MAY 11 2018

Support multi-selection in the file history view. Now when you select two file history entries, the diff viewer is updated displaying the diffs between them. Note that the selection order is irrelevant. We always place the oldest version on the left, and the newest one on the right.


Based on your feedback, we have added a new way to discard changes. Now, you can select one or more items in the changes tree, and bulk discard them right clicking and selecting "Discard changes". Please note that the changes that will be discarded are the ones selected with the multi-selection feature, not the ones with the checkbox checked!


Happy to announce the graph representation in the commit history view! Still in beta version. Feel free to share your impressions with us :)

RELEASE 0.9.516

MAY 09 2018

Now each theme (light/dark) has its own diff color configuration. You can change or restore diff colors in the light theme without affecting dark colors, and vice versa.

Additional fixes:

We improved the text editor selection color. Selected text was not cleary readable in the dark theme.

We also improved syntax highlight colors for css language on dark theme.


Sometimes, a null exception message appeared when using the toolbar buttons (push/pull/fetch) immediately after opening a repo. It was because the repository info was not available yet. Fixed.

RELEASE 0.9.513

APR 27 2018

After some usability testing, we realized that it was hard for some users to finish a merge. Trying to fix these usability issues, we came up with some improvements in the merge and cherry pick cycle. Not only when the operation is automatic, also when there are conflicts to solve. In both cases, after the merge/cherry pick is finished, the user is guided to the commit view to commit the changes to finish it. The commit comment is automatically filled too.