Release Notes

RELEASE 1.0.662

SEP 18 2020

RELEASE 1.0.659

JUL 06 2020

Windows - Gmaster: you can configure the shell used to open repositories

At the bottom of the sidebar there are buttons that allow you to open the repository in Explorer or a command prompt. You can now configure which shell is used for the latter, by adding a "commandshell" setting to the [Sidebar] section of your gmaster.conf file.

For example:



Note: close gmaster before editing the config file.

RELEASE 1.0.647

OCT 25 2019

Partial support for Git Rebase is here! gmaster is now able to detect an ongoing rebase when opened in a Git repository that has... you know, a rebase in progress.

With this you can use gmaster's semantic capabilities to resolve the conflicts.

Did you notice the "partial" part in "partial support"? At the moment, gmaster is not able to abort the rebase nor continue it after solving a conflict. To continue or finish the rebase you still need to use another client.

RELEASE 1.0.646

OCT 02 2019

In certain scenarios, the merge view failed displaying several errors and ended up closing gmaster. Now it's fixed.

RELEASE 1.0.645

SEP 24 2019

When opening Visual Studio, it reported "not responding" after the second and subsequent Visual Studio restarts. Now it's fixed.


When an API changes in unexpected ways, applications fail. That was the case with out JIRA extension - when searching for open tasks / issues, JIRA Cloud stopped sending the Status field if not asked for explicitly (which we didn't). This caused a NullReferenceException in upper layers, preventing JIRA extension users from successfully creating branches from JIRA issues.

That's now fixed, of course. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Remember that you can configure JIRA with gmaster following these instructions: