Release Notes

RELEASE 1.0.645

SEP 24 2019

When opening Visual Studio, it reported "not responding" after the second and subsequent Visual Studio restarts. Now it's fixed.


When an API changes in unexpected ways, applications fail. That was the case with out JIRA extension - when searching for open tasks / issues, JIRA Cloud stopped sending the Status field if not asked for explicitly (which we didn't). This caused a NullReferenceException in upper layers, preventing JIRA extension users from successfully creating branches from JIRA issues.

That's now fixed, of course. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!

Remember that you can configure JIRA with gmaster following these instructions:

RELEASE 1.0.641

AUG 22 2019

Merge multifile - Fix the following failing scenario:

* You move a method to a different file.

* Meanwhile someone else modifies the method in the original location in a different branch and also modifies other method in the other file, where the method was moved.

In this case, the merge was automatic but the change done in the other method was lost. Now it's fixed.

Remember, that gmaster can merge conflicts across files!

RELEASE 1.0.637

AUG 08 2019

Imagine this - you change your computer localization, and the next time you open gmaster, you get a not-very-nice error message! The cause? gmaster can not deserialize old configuration (Branch Explorer zoom level, mostly) using the new localization, because the format for decimal numbers changed. The fix? Protect it! That's what this release has - protection, so you don't have to deal with silly errors.

RELEASE 1.0.626

JUL 16 2019

gmaster had a couple of issues when working with Azure DevOps. First of all, while logging in gmaster treated the organization name as a case sensitive string, which is not necessary. And second, gmaster could not figure out that it already had credentials stored for Azure DevOps URLs in the new format '', so it was asking you for your email and password inmediately after the login while trying to clone the first repository. Both of them are now fixed!

RELEASE 1.0.621

JUN 20 2019

We are out of beta! This version is exactly like the previous one, but the numbers have changed here and there. Does that mean that you can no longer use gmaster free of charge? No, it doesn't. We don't think gmaster is enough feature packed yet, and we are still hearing your feedback about the tool in order to improve it. So, why did we leave the beta stage? Because gmaster is stable enough to remove the training wheels. Thank you for joining us in this trip through the beta!


The Tour splash screen displayed the error "The given reference name 'MoveToDifferentFile' is not valid" when you clicked the "Show me!" button *and* git.exe isn't available in your %PATH%. In that scenario, all git operations are performed through libgit2 and it didn't automatically create a local branch for the remote one.