Release Notes

RELEASE 0.9.619

JUN 11 2019

gmaster now saves the Branch Explorer zoom level between application restarts. It behaves in the same fashion as the "only relevant (commits)", "remotes", and "start / end date" filters: the last zoom level is preserved when you close the application, and it is restored the next time you open it. Easy, right?

RELEASE 0.9.618

MAY 24 2019

Semantic SCM: gmaster can now handle Java semantic diffs and merges with OpenJDK too! Until now, it was a requirement to have a Java SE virtual machine installed. Now, OpenJDK distribution should work as well.

RELEASE 0.9.616

MAY 06 2019

Long path support is here! gmaster now supports paths longer than the "old" Windows limit of 260 characters. Please note that this feature is only available starting on Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and that you probably need to modify your Operating System policy settings and/or registry as described here in order to enable long path support for Win32 applications:

Please bear in mind that if you modified your gmaster.exe.config file in the past, your changes will be lost.

RELEASE 0.9.614

APR 25 2019

We continue improving the initial user experience: we changed the default branch explorer date filter for our tour repository. This way we ensure that you can see the complete Branch Explorer tree the first time you open it.

RELEASE 0.9.607

MAR 13 2019

Now you can change or reset your password from gmaster! If you forgot your password while logging in, you can reset it by clicking on the usual "I forgot my password" link. We'll send you a recovery code to your email address with further instructions.

If you are already logged in, you can both change or reset your password from the profile dialog.