Release Notes

RELEASE 0.9.605

FEB 20 2019

The profile window now shows interesting data:

* Date of sign up.

* Number of days you have actively used gmaster since then :)

* % of active days since you signed up.

Thank you for the great time together.

RELEASE 0.9.604

FEB 01 2019

With the goal of showing new users what gmaster can do, we added a new welcome panel to guide them to the tour repository. Experts can still skip the tour :)

RELEASE 0.9.603

FEB 01 2019

We added a new interactive panel in our tour repository to improve the user experience. Users can discover now gmaster key features more easily!

RELEASE 0.9.602

JAN 30 2019

Now gmaster for Visual Studio supports the new Visual Studio 2019.


We noticed that most people didn't see the upgrade button in the window. So we though about trying with a funny blinking. Did you see it? :)


SemanticMerge understands your PHP code now ;)

This feature closes one of the most requested UserVoice features: [link][/link].

The PHP parser is released as a beta, so we'd love to have your feedback about things that don't work for you or any other suggestion.


Life at Codice is never dull,

For today we fixed another null;

No longer does it cause our diffs to fail,

To our software devs - All Hail!


The push operation failed silently (the remote has a githook installed, email rejection in GitHub, etc ...). Now it's fixed and now gmaster displays the error properly when the push operation fails.

RELEASE 0.9.589

DEC 05 2018

The last Microsoft's Git for Windows release (a fork of Git that supports Virtual File System for Git, formerly known as GVFS) removed a flag gmaster uses to retrieve the status of your workspace. This prevented gmaster from being able to perform merges on a repository under VFS, and could cause some inconveniences while checking repository status under some circumstances. This is now fixed.